Alchemy Acres takes volunteers of all ages but if volunteer is under 13 years of age he/she/they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Volunteer are able to help in many areas, to name a few, dish-washing, dog bathing, animal socialization, animal exercise, clean-up duty, fundraising and many other things.

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Alchemy has always been complimented on its wonderful family of volunteers. To maintain this courteous environment and continue the utmost safety for both our animals and volunteers we ask the following of our volunteers. All Volunteers must show modesty in dress code and conduct their behaviors and speech in an orderly and appropriate fashion (this is a family oriented center). While signed in as a volunteer all electronics/valuable property must be stowed away, this is both for the safety of the animals and your property. All volunteers must dress weather appropriate and wear close toed shoes. The following clothing is prohibited; flip-flops, sandals, pants containing large holes or frays/fringes, shorts above mid-thigh length, sleeve-less shirts, jewelry or other accessories.