When your pet is lost, you can be in a panic. Please consider all of the following information to help you find your pet.

Info to give: Pet name, temperament (friendly enough with strangers to call or leave alone), breed mix/colors, size/weight, WHERE went missing, WHEN went missing, YOUR phone number and name, if pet is micro-chipped or collared with tags. Also be prepared to provide proof of ownership, photos, licenses, etc.

  • Notify Microchip Company if registered
  • Lostmydoggie.com
  • Lostfoundpets.us
  • Petfbi.org
  • Tabbytracker.com
  • Petamberalert.com
  • Face book lost/found forums and animal pages
  • Call local pound/humane society/animal welfare agencies to make a report
  • Make flyers! Post them in public places like grocery stores, vet offices, high flow areas (most successful method!!)
  • Call vet offices, shelters and local city/township/county police to make a report.