Where are the animals kept?

Our animals are kept primarily on the premises. All animals have the basic necessities of food, water, shelter, enrichment, medical needs, exercise, and love. Foster homes are also provided when available.

Does Alchemy conduct tours of its facility?

Because Alchemy is a rehabilitation facility focusing on animals with special needs, our veterinarians, board of trustees and insurance agency do not allow tours of the facility both for the safety of our animals and for the safety of the touring public.

Does Alchemy Acres take in animals?

Alchemy does accept animals but only as space becomes available. We do offer alternative resources for animals we cannot take in. For example: Medical funding foundations, pet food assistance programs, low-cost clinic information and much more.

How many animals does Alchemy care for?

Alchemy cares for over 300 dogs per year (housing 90 at a time), over 200 cats per year (housing 70 at a time), in addition to over 200 wildlife intakes and releases per year and various other animals.

What does Alchemy do for its animals?

Alchemy Acres provides adequate housing, care, exercise, and enrichment often time individualized based on certain animals needs. We also provide all of the animal’s medical work, initial shots, parasite testing and treatment, monthly prevention’s (flea and heart worm), yearly vaccines, and routine check-ups and exams as well as care for specific medical conditions, geriatric and neonatal care. Alchemy Acres is a place where animals may reside their entire lives if need be.

What are adoption rates and what do adoption rates include?

Adult Dogs are $225, Puppies are $195, Adult Cats are $110, and Kittens are $95. Kitten and Puppy adoptions receive a $15 refund after the animal has been spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. Fees include all above mentioned medical work plus microchip and registration the same day of adoption.

What is the adoption process?

Potential adopters must fill out an adoption application. Once submitted and approved you can make an appointment to view the animal(s) of their choice and then adopt. Adopters are welcome to spend as much time as they need to decide if this is the right fit for their home. We do not encourage impulse adoptions.

Does Alchemy take volunteers and what do volunteers do?

Alchemy Acres takes volunteers of all ages. Volunteers are able to help in many areas, to name a few, dish-washing, dog bathing, animal socialization, animal exercise, clean-up duty, fundraising and many other things. All volunteers under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How does Alchemy fund its operations?

Alchemy Acres runs solely on tax-deductible donations, animal sponsorship and fundraising events. Samaritans may donate by cash, check, credit card or online paypal.

What kind of events does Alchemy do for fundraisers?

Alchemy hosts multiple events throughout the year in addition to attending events. Alchemy usually attends adoption promotion events, without promoting impulse adoptions. Local business will also host raffles, bake sales, donation collections and other events with proceeds benefiting Alchemy. Alchemy itself hosts an annual Golf Outing, biannual Spaghetti dinners, Chinese auctions, bake sales, large item raffles, candy/chocolate sales, handmade blanket sales, fall homemade Pumpkin Roll sales and annual Bus Trips.

How do animals come to Alchemy?

Animals find their way to us in many manners. We take Owner Surrenders, Police Surrenders, Humane Cases, occasional strays, public drop-offs (which we do not encourage because we do not offer drop-off areas) and transfers in from other facilities.

Does Alchemy work with other animal organizations?

Alchemy does work with other animal organizations when there is a lost animal in the area or a stray brought in to the shelter. We try to keep in touch with each other in hopes of finding the pets’ original home. Alchemy also takes transfers from other shelters when a pet has run out of time at their current shelter. We DO NOT transfer our pets to other shelters. When an animal comes in to our care we vow to care for it to the best of our abilities and find him or her a proper home. Transferring pets from place to place can become traumatic to a pet. By minimizing transfers we increase the likelihood of finding a stray pets’ owner or finding them a permanent home.

What veterinarian does Alchemy use?

Alchemy uses several veterinarians in our local area. We use Salem Veterinary Clinic and Steel Valley Spay/Neuter Clinic for our spays and neuters. Dr. Linda Gibson hosts rabies vaccine clinics for us and helps supply medication at cost when they are prescribed. Lisbon Vet makes farm calls and helps in emergency situations. Adamson Vet also helps us in emergency situations. Multiple vets from these clinics provide us with other services such as blood draw, exams, testing, x-rays etc. All clinics, while some do offer us discounted rates because we are a 501c3, are compensated for their time.

Does Alchemy offer any veterinary care to the public?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer veterinary services at this time to the public. This is service we would like to offer at some point in Alchemy’s future though. Upon request we do offer recommendation to other facilities offering these services including low cost clinics and medical funding foundations that may aid a low income animal care giver.