Mission Statement

The mission of Alchemy Acres is to relieve the suffering that many animals in today's society are forced endure. Alchemy Acres provides a sanctuary for abandoned and abused animals where love for the soul and medical care for the body will be provided to all in need. 

Alchemy Acres is a no-kill facility so animals in need of long term behavioral training, physical or psychological therapies will receive the proper care they need for the length of their natural lives. Alchemy seeks loving and safe homes for its residents. If a resident is unable to adapt to a new home because of physical or mental needs, the animal becomes a permanent resident of Alchemy Acres. Each animal at the sanctuary receives individual attention multiple times each day. Sometimes a little bit of love goes a long way.

To relieve domestic animal over population, Alchemy Acres provides education about pet overpopulation as well as spaying and neutering. All adult animals adopted from Alchemy Acres are spayed and neutered. If an animal is too young it is not subjected to pediatric surgery. When processing an adoption with a young animal that is not old enough to be spayed or neutered Alchemy Acres requires its adopters to sign an agreement stating that they will have they will have their pet spayed or neutered at the appropriate age.

We also help to raise awareness about general pet care including, daily duties, medical necessities, pet identification as well as other topics. Alchemy Acres also interacts with its community spreading awareness of current animal topics that public can help with just by knowing what to look for such as; dog fighting, abuse, abandonment, nutrition, microchipping and other topics. Alchemy Acres provides education events in addition to fundraising events to help support our causes.

Alchemy Acres also provides relief to native wildlife. The sanctuary has two permitted wildlife rehabilitators as well as sub permit holders and volunteers. In addition to the rehabilitation of wild animals, Alchemy provides education to the public about wildlife. With this education, the public then learns how to deal with an injured or orphaned wild animal.