Monetary donations are extremely appreciated. While donating items from our wish list is very helpful Alchemy is under constant struggle to pay bills, the highest among them are Veterinary bills. While our tax-deductible 501c3 does receive some discounts , rendered services are hardly free especially in the quantity in which we use them. For example, Alchemy spends over $4,000 every month on flea and heartworm prevention for our animals. Then you factor in exams, multiple spays and neuters a month, specialty surgeries, care , foods , medications, vaccines, parasite tests and other diagnostic tests and much more… the bills add up. So if you are considering making a monetary donation, here’s what your contribution can do.

Alchemy can also issue Tax Deductible Donation Receipts upon request

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$25donation will sponsor flea prevention for one month for 8 cats.
$50donation will sponsor antibiotics for 8 animals
$100donation will sponsor 10 heartworm tests OR 8 leukemia/AIDs tests
$150donation will sponsor vaccines for 50 pets
$250donation will sponsor vaccines for 80 cats
$500donation will sponsor 10 cat neuters OR 4 medium dog spays
$1000donation will sponsor our dog and cat food for three weeks
$5000donation will… needless to say, help many, many lives by improving our ability to accommodate the great number of animals we house at any given time
Any amount donated is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advance!
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 Waytt suffered from malnutrition that caused his legs to bow. He was successfully treated and adopted!    We almost always have nursing kittens that need sponsored!    This is a bladder stone the size of a large chicken egg that was removed from a Shih-Tzu. 
Whezzy suffered from over breeding and had many medical issues. Our veterinarians recommended euthanasia after he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and could not live outside of an oxygen assisted cage.      Nearly every pet that comes in must be treated for parasites. Treatment can be very expensive depending on severity of the infection.    Dewey and many other pets arrive with various eye injuries. 
 Abner was born with a clef lip! He has since been adopted.   
 Ginger was a neglect case. She was so starved she couldn't eat more than a single bite every few hours.
She has since recovered and has been adopted! 
   A severe infection of whip worm. 
 Baby (still available for adoption) was hit by a car and had to have her leg surgically removed. Even with a non-profit status, her surgery cost over $700. Her adoption fee will be $95.     Chewing Lice!    Whezzy and Wicket both had brachicephalic airway syndrome and had their surgeries at Med Vet in Columbus. Each surgery cost nearly $2,000. Thank you to our wonderful donors who came to their aid. 
 Gilbert (still available for adoption) was put out to pasture with no pasture. He was brought to Alchemy and has started his long road to recovery.  
 Thelma and Louise came to Alchemy emaciated, heartworm positive and both in need of surgery to correct their double cherry eyes.
They have since fully recovered and been adopted!